Are you planning a wedding? Are you looking for the best florist Christchurch has to offer to supply the flower arrangements and décor for your wedding? You might heed a few tips first – these tips will guarantee that you won’t make the same mistakes as other brides did. After all, your wedding day is the most important day in your life. So, you have to make sure that every detail goes as planned!

Look at the Big Picture

When couples plan out their wedding reception, they often look at individual details, such as centerpieces and floral arrangements. When they hire a florist Christchurch has to offer to help out with the arrangement, they run out of ideas to work with. Before you choose the centerpiece design, you have to pinpoint a theme first. Is it rustic? Is it modern vintage?

Not Re-Using Ceremony Arrangements

This is a practical tip that a lot of florists believe is not being utilized to its fullest. When you spend a lot of money on floral arrangements and décor during the ceremony, it is completely acceptable to re-use them at the reception. Most wedding ceremonies last for only half an hour to an hour. Therefore, it would be a complete waste to discard of these floral arrangements. It is also a nice way to give your reception décor a boost!

Not Trusting Your Florist

If you hire a florist, trust their skills and expertise to transform your vision into a reality. It should start with proper communication, though. Let them know about your desired motif and theme – then leave it to the florist to translate your vision into the actual wedding décor. If you don’t trust the outcome, then you did not do a good enough job at researching the florist Christchurch has to offer.

Scrimping on Blooms

Most couples instantly discard the thought of using expensive flowers for their wedding. While it might be practical to opt for local and cheap flowers, there are some types of blooms suited for specific floral arrangements and centerpiece designs. Thus, you need to be open to the idea of spending a little bit more in order to attain the décor you want. With proper execution, it will be worth every penny you spent.

Choosing Just One Color Palette

Even though you want to stick to a specific color to fit into your wedding theme motif, you should not be close minded about trying other colors. A motif should only serve as a guide. It does not mean that you should use flowers that are of a specific color only. In fact, it will be more visually appealing to use other colors that are within the same color scheme as your primary motif.

Booking Your Florist Last

This is a major no-no when it comes to planning your wedding. You should always put the highest priority to finding a florist that will handle the floral arrangements, bouquets, and décor for your wedding. If you choose at the last-minute, you will deprive yourself of the opportunity to compare your options and find the best one for the job.